Crixa Subscription All-Access Pass

Crixa All Access Pass - BILLED MONTHLY Fund our dedicated servers for testing and get unique skins each month for Em-8ER weapons, frames and even get access to the developmental builds themselves. *Dev Builds are one version older compared to backer builds and does not include alpha, beta test access or access to the full game. Become a patron of everything Crixa Labs has to offer. For one, low monthly membership plan, you can access all our draft products as they are created. Follow along as we develop our tabletop game, novel and videogame, all based in the shared Crixa universe. Give us your valuable feedback in our private member forums, and help shape development as it happens. You will start at ground zero of the tabletop game and novel, the first chapters are available online right now. Join now and get immediate download access! Membership Em-8ER development builds: Get access to our pre-Kickstarter builds of Em-8ER, only one version behind backer builds. Want to become a full backer and gain access to the most recent builds? Visit our Newcomer Pack on the Campaigns & Perks page. Skins & Loot: Get access to exclusive monthly skins and other perks, including weapon and Omniframe skins for Em-8ER. Each month features a new skin, decal or other collectible for Em-8ER that is exclusive only to subscribers. Skins will be released at launch of the game. Note that you only acquire the skins for the months you are a subscriber. They are not retroactive. Gatestriders Tabletop RPG - Gatestriders is a TTRPG space opera focused on ship adventures as players explore uncharted space for the first time. Get a new chapter of the core rule book each month as the game is developed with your feedback! Em-8ER Novel - Written to help develop the lore for Em-8ER, the novel is released chapter by chapter to readers. Follow along as the Gatestriders make first contact with the Kaiju enslaving Tsi-Hu, and spark an ancient war that threatens to overrun humanity. Join our private subscribers forum to leave feedback on the book as it's written! Em-8ER Vision Book: The main design document for the Em-8ER videogame. Download this living design doc as we update it during the development of Em-8ER. Pour over detailed game systems, lore drops and more. All this value for just $7.95 a month! Sign up below and get access to our membership downloads today!

Skin of the Month

May The “Arch-Duke.” Dual pistol wearing and equipped with an armored cloak, the Arch-Duke skins say you can have elegance, firepower, and Omniframe piloting skills without sacrificing suave.



Em8ER Monthly Patron

$7.95 USD Monthly

Help fund the creation of an Em-8ER novel and Tabletop RPG, all the while collecting new, unique skins for Em-8ER weapons, frames and more! Updated every month!

* Access to older dev builds of the Em-8ER video game. (no alpha, beta or final game access)
* A unique skin for a Em-8ER weapon, frames or other accessory each month.
* PDF Vision book, updated each month for the game.
* Draft chapters, as they are written of "Frozen Dawn," military sci-fi, mech vs kaiju novel
* Draft chapters of the Gatestriders tabletop, space opera RPG
* Access to private subscriber only forums on

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