Em-8ER Monthly Patron

Earn Monthly Skins

Em-8ER’s 2D character designs by @cutesexyrobutts

Get a new Em8ER Pilot skin, pet, mount, weapon or mech skin every month for just $7.95 a skin plus many other bonuses. Get immediate access to playable mockups in our download section.

These rare skins are only for sale during limited windows of availability. Their Peerless Grade of quality come with interchangeable mesh and material customization options.

Join now and lock in your subscription price before prices go up after our Kickstarter campaign.

Actual Em8ER Character running real-time in game in Unreal Engine 5

Play Developer Builds

Download developer test builds and participate in up to 100 player tests of Em-8ER gameplay. Play new builds as they become available (one version behind full backers). Servers are located in the US, Europe and Asia/Au.

Watch our progress as we create our playable mockup for our Kickstarter launch!

Read The Em-8ER Novel

Read draft chapters of the Em-8ER novel as they are written! Explore the rich lore of the game in this growing novel about the discovery of Em-8ER and the war against the Kaiju!

Book chapters are available for all popular e-readers such as Kindle, ePub and PDF formats!

Play The Gatestriders Tabletop RPG

Download draft rules of the Gatestriders tabletop RPG as they are written! This backdrop of the Em-8ER universe features space combat, exploration and adventure. A true Space Opera!

Set hundreds of years before Em-8ER, this retro tabletop features rules for spacecraft adventures from personal to multii-crew as you explore the unknown universe!

Skin of the Month

Krellstrider Mount - June

Name: Krellstrider Mount
Rarity: Rare

The Krellstriders roam the native plains of the Gatestrider homeworld in packs. Flightless, but capable of skimming and gliding, these fierce avians as sometime tamed by brave Gatestriders to serve as fleet footed mounts.


Em-8ER Monthly Patron - 1 Month

$7.95 USD Monthly

Help fund the development of Em-8ER while earning premium skins and gain access to dev builds!

- Collect a premium skin each month for your pilot, mech, weapons or other cosmetics!

- Access previous developer test builds of Em-8ER as it is built in the Unreal Engine. (no alpha, beta, or final game access).

- Read draft chapters, as they are written, of the Em8ER novel! Great for lore hounds!

- Read draft rules of the tabletop RPG, Gatestriders, the Space Opera TTRPG!

- Download the PDF Vision book that describes the game’s vision in detail!

- Access our private, subscriber-only forums!

Visit the Downloads Section for immediate access!


Em-8ER Monthly Patron - 3 Months

$21.95 USD Every 3 months

Regularly $7.95 per month, save at just $7.32 per month.


Em-8ER Monthly Patron - 6 Months

$42.95 USD Every 6 months

Regularly $7.95 per month, save at just $7.16 per month.


Em-8ER Monthly Patron - Yearly

$79.95 USD Yearly

Regularly $7.95 per month, save at just $6.65 per month.