Become an Em-8ER Monthly Patron

Em-8ER Monthly Patron

Em8ER Perk of the Month

Three Skins for One Dollar! Get all 3 skins this month by becoming a monthly backer!

Monthly Patrons get a perk of the month for EM-8ER. Each month features a new player skin, or Omniframe skin, pet, decals and more!

Q: When do I get the perk?
A: All perks will be shipped at the official launch

Q: Will I receive prior perks?
A: You will only receive the perks for each of the months you have subscribed.

Q: When do the perks reset?
A: See our handy timer above on how long this perks will last until it resets.

Q: How can I see what perks I have?
A: Visit your Campaigns & Perk section on this website.

Q: WIll these perks return?
A: All perks are rare and vaulted. They will appear in the game for sale for brief windows, but will be rare.

Skin of the Month

Feli Gatestrider - November

Amongst the wide galaxy of stars not every star system is created equal. Some are home to gargantuan gas giants, and some are filled with icy rocks barren and desolate. But some lucky few star systems shelter the exact right conditions for life. Rocky, waterfilled planets with just the right amount of water, gravity, heat, and resources.

Unfortunately, those star systems are nigh impossible to find. And so, the colonists from Earth had to make do with what they could find.

The Artorias system is not a system anyone would consider a prime candidate for a colony. And yet the Feli persevered. They scratched out a living on a small planetoid with 1/3rd Earth gravity and very few natural resources. As such they spend most of their lives on the various ships and space stations essential to maintaining a delicate resource cycle.

Forced to evolve into a people capable of handling the rigors of zero-g, the Feli developed traits once shared with animals of Earth, allowing them to flourish in the harsh environment they made a home of.

Now, years later, the Feli are sought after pilots. They’re the best of the best and any ship counts itself lucky to have one on board. Some of the more superstitious among the spacefaring peoples even regard Feli as good luck charms.

Or perhaps it’s simply their excellent skill that leads to so many successful missions?


Em-8ER Monthly Patron

$7.95 $1.00 USD For the First Month

Help fund the creation of an Em-8ER novel and Tabletop RPG, all the while collecting new, unique skins for Em-8ER weapons, frames and more! Updated every month!

* Access to older dev builds of the Em-8ER video game. (no alpha, beta or final game access)
* A unique skin for a Em-8ER weapon, frames or other accessory each month.
* PDF Vision book, updated each month for the game.
* Draft chapters, as they are written of "Frozen Dawn," military sci-fi, mech vs kaiju novel
* Draft chapters of the Gatestriders tabletop, space opera RPG
* Access to private subscriber only forums on

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