Become an Em-8ER Monthly Patron

Em-8ER Monthly Patron

Em8ER Perk of the Month

Monthly Patrons get a perk of the month for EM-8ER. Each month features a new player skin, or Omniframe skin, pet, decals and more!

Q: When do I get the perk?
A: All perks will be shipped at the official launch

Q: Will I receive prior perks?
A: You will only receive the perks for each of the months you have subscribed.

Q: When do the perks reset?
A: See our handy timer above on how long this perks will last until it resets.

Q: How can I see what perks I have?
A: Visit your Campaigns & Perk section on this website.

Q: WIll these perks return?
A: All perks are rare and vaulted. They will appear in the game for sale for brief windows, but will be rare.

Skin of the Month

Male GCSF Skin - July This month is a male skin of the Gatestrider Security Force.


Em-8ER Monthly Patron

$7.95 USD Monthly

Help fund the creation of an Em-8ER novel and Tabletop RPG, all the while collecting new, unique skins for Em-8ER weapons, frames and more! Updated every month!

* Access to older dev builds of the Em-8ER video game. (no alpha, beta or final game access)
* A unique skin for a Em-8ER weapon, frames or other accessory each month.
* PDF Vision book, updated each month for the game.
* Draft chapters, as they are written of "Frozen Dawn," military sci-fi, mech vs kaiju novel
* Draft chapters of the Gatestriders tabletop, space opera RPG
* Access to private subscriber only forums on

Visit the Downloads Section to grab your goodies.