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Newcomer Backer Packs - Art Demo Access

Get immediate access to our art demo and coming gamplay demos. Newcomers to Em8ER have contacted us, wanting a chance to back early. So we've created these Newcomer Backer Packs and a brand new item in the game: Skinned Dropships. The good news is that everyone, from M1 to M3 and purchasing Newcomers, will receive a commemorative, unique model, Founder's Dropship that will never be sold again. These Dropships will be pushed to all registered Em8ERID accounts right away. Newcomers who have been asking to back Em-8ER now have the chance to purchase a variety of packs featured below. Please note that Max Kahunas and Kaiju Slayers will receive all these perks as well. New Archon and Ark Liege backers (and Maxes and Slayers) will also receive a 2nd uniquely designed, extremely limited run dropship that reflects their rarefied status. (Design TBD). Dropships fly in to deliver your THMPR mining mechs and when you need a new Omniframe delivered. You will also see your Dropship when flying from terraforming pocket to pocket, alongside your squad-mates own ships. Stand out from the crowd with your commemorative edition ship! This campaign has no current end date. NOTES: - Founder and MAX Dropships designs are unique, we break the mold after this. Not available in Kickstarter or beyond. - MAX Dropships are unique from Founder Dropships and designs are TBD. We estimate only a handful will be in existence. - Razer CHROMA refers to skins with dynamic glows that sync with Razer gaming hardware. - All awards will ship with final game. Some, like the PDFs and Test builds ship as soon as ready. Forum Tags match package name. - All packs include Pre-Kickstarter, Pre-Alpha, Alpha and Beta testing access. If you would like to place an order through Paypal instead, please use the contact form below or email us at [email protected] with the package you'd like and your paypal e-mail address.

Firefall Credit Program

In 2017, we offered Firefall beta founders a one time, limited time offer to link their Firefall founder's pack to Em-8ER. Since Em-8ER is a spiritual successor to the original vision of Firefall, we wanted to thank original backers of the game. If you applied to this program and linked your Em8ER forum account in 2017, you will automatically see your virtual store credit (when the game officially launches) reflected in the "Campaigns and Perks" section. These credits will go "LIVE" and can be applied at the time of the official launch of Em-8ER in the virtual goods store. These credits cannot be applied to pre-launch fundraising efforts nor towards the purchase of the game. Em-8ER will be an indie priced game with no subscription fee and will be supported by the sales of virtual cosmetics and services. No lootboxes! No Pay2Win!

Em-8ER - Mech vs Kaiju Wargame, M3 Milestone

M3 Playable Mockup Funding for a playable Thumper encounter.: Call down a THMPR that mines for resources, jetpack, glide and shoot your way through a horde of shape-shifting Tsi-Hu aliens STRETCH GOALS - All packages include all stretch goals listed in the IGG campaign (to be delivered on final game), including: - Founder Emote pack for characters and omniframes. - Pets: Mini THMPR. Mini Kaiju pets - Thunder Bumping Bike: 2-seater Bike exclusive for M3 backers - Holo Wings for Omniframe - 3D Printer Files for Kaiju - Chroma: Color cycling skins for THMPR pet, Jetpack Thrusters, Omniframe, THMPR, Thunder Bumping Bike - Chroma Wings for Kaiju and Maxes only - Omniframe Deepstrike Skin (red and black colorscheme) - Founder Flag (worn on Omniframe) - Custom bike horn and THMPR calldown sound effect (Maxes and Kaiju only) - Laura Post OP-AI voicepack - Pin Up nose art decal and Tiki God Mask decal - Tiki Torch emote w/Sea Shanty - Chroma bike trails

Ember - Massive Planetary Wargame

M2 Milestone: Create the THMPR art demo in Unreal Engine 4. Control the THMPR with basic commands!

Ember Forums, Website & Art

M1 Milestone: Create the website and forums for Em-8ER. Our humble beginnings!

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