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Past Campaigns & Upgrades

Em-8ER - Mech vs Kaiju Wargame, M3 Milestone

M3 Playable Mockup UPGRADE YOUR PACK! M3 Backers can upgrade their pack and receive a free Python Bike Skin. Funding for a playable Thumper encounter.: Call down a THMPR that mines for resources, jetpack, glide and shoot your way through a horde of shape-shifting Tsi-Hu aliens STRETCH GOALS - All packages include all stretch goals listed in the IGG campaign (to be delivered on final game), including: - Founder Emote pack for characters and omniframes. - Pets: Mini THMPR. Mini Kaiju pets - Thunder Bumping Bike: 2-seater Bike exclusive for M3 backers - Holo Wings for Omniframe - 3D Printer Files for Kaiju - Chroma: Color cycling skins for THMPR pet, Jetpack Thrusters, Omniframe, THMPR, Thunder Bumping Bike - Chroma Wings for Kaiju and Maxes only - Omniframe Deepstrike Skin (red and black colorscheme) - Founder Flag (worn on Omniframe) - Custom bike horn and THMPR calldown sound effect (Maxes and Kaiju only) - Laura Post OP-AI voicepack - Pin Up nose art decal and Tiki God Mask decal - Tiki Torch emote w/Sea Shanty - Chroma bike trails

Ember - Massive Planetary Wargame

M2 Milestone: Create the THMPR art demo in Unreal Engine 4. Control the THMPR with basic commands!

Ember Forums, Website & Art

M1 Milestone: Create the website and forums for Em-8ER. Our humble beginnings!